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Getting started is a two part process: 

Step 1) Fill out the AdvisorHR Culinary Business Service Form (ACBSA) below completely.

Step 2) The AdvisorHr Service Team member will receive the ACBSA form and contact you. The AdvisorHR Service Team member will also email you the "Culinary Employee File". This form is for the company contact person to fill out and email back to the AdvisorHR Service Team member.


  • Once we receive the "Culinary Employe File" your AdvsorHR Services Team member will email all your employees directions on how to make their Employee Benefit Selections. 


Please review the instructions below and then fill out the form completely to successfully start your AdvisorHR Culinary employee administration benefits and services.



Page 1 Company Page


a) This is YOUR COMPANY Information

b) All boxes need to be filled in completely.  

Page 2 Payroll Administration


Our on boarding team will coordinate with you on uploading your employee census.  

Page 3 Client Service Agreement


a) Your acknowledgment authorizes you to become a client of the PEO.


b) Weekly Admin Fee - $9.00

Page 4) Product Selection

Select the products that your company wishes to participate in.


Page 5) ACH Withdrawals


a) Your business bank account where AdvisorHR will "draft" the funds to pay for your services and all payroll related items.

Page 6) Company Background

Please provide a business summary of your company.

Contact a Specialist

Over the phone or email


For Phone Support: Call Advisor HR


AdvisorHR Culinary Business Service Form
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